Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wisdom of the Crowds?

If I'd asked people what they want, they would have wanted a faster horse...Henry Ford

This interesting quote pretty much sums up the path that any individual or organisation would need to take in order to reach a real certain breakthrough in whatever or most of their endeavours, if they really want to go beyond mediocrity. I mean really, in all intent or purpose, asking the general public about what is best, or what should be the next course of action, is really sometimes an act of futility, or perhaps even one that would lead to redundancy. Seriously, the power of groupthink and perhaps the pervasiveness of marketing these days have somewhat diminished the capacity of the public to really be engaged in something that would really be mind-blowing or out of this world...but then again, these are really different times and different circumstances. All I can say is that if one were to really want to experience that real breakthrough, perhaps one should discount the need for a 'faster horse', and instead really think of creating that 'horse' instead.

So what would be your 'faster horse?'

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