Monday, April 9, 2007

We live in a cynical....cynical world!

I've received news of the death of one of my design trainers, Jackson, a couple of days ago. Saw in the papers that he was involved in an accident that led to his demise. Felt shocked I must say, and to think that just a couple of weeks ago, he was there sitting in front of me, and we were discussing on a modified programme of sorts on design, for my sec 3 students. And talking about students, late last year, I happen to come across an obituary for one of my classmate, way back in primary school. Can still remember her as cute, and one who is willing to lend a helping hand when one needs help. A fellow prefect, I guess that much thought I have of her, and no less, good thoughts indeed, is enough to make us aware of how short life is. So short, that at times, I do wonder why do people really want to make enemies, and why people really want to get over the heads of others, just so that you can be ahead yourselves. Such narcissistic behaviour, though never a domain of any religion, do somehow get into the general fold of even those religious sort! Hmmm, but then again, this is just the sarcastic me talking.

Like what Jerry Macguire said towards the end of the show..."We live in a cynical....cynical world!"