Saturday, December 9, 2006

A work...

My significant other has just certified me a living example of a true blue workaholic! :) Not that it is any bad, but it certainly made me take stock of things in perspective. What really is a workaholic?

Is it someone who needs to be constantly be doing work, in order to, say, live! Just like how some people are in their eating habits, especially during buffets. But then again, is it any wrong for one to be doing work most of the time, not because they NEED to do work, but because they do enjoy it. :) Call me sick, but then again, I do sometimes enjoy the things that I am doing, like planning, looking and preparing for my lessons, brainstorming on how to make my lessons on design more interesting and engaging, resourcing for materials on the NET...I mean isn't this what MOE is paying me to do...although I do feel I'm a little underpaid! But that is another story altogether...

My point here is that as long as there is nothing wrong liking the things that you are doing, and doing it correctly, professionally, effectively, efficiently, and all the other ''s', I see no reason for one to be feeling wronged when they are labelled a 'workaholic'. I don't think it is a disease of will ONLY be one if the very reason for one' s living on this God-given earth is to work, work and work. My, my, I hope that I won't be like that.

And yeah, the good news is that I've submitted my application to be considered for the pioneer batch of students that are taking the A level D&T subject in 2009! Seems just a few years away, but if I am selected, I just can't seem to wait for the subject to be introduced. My head has been cramming with ideas, some untested, of course, some, well, lets just say, I'm just all for the key word here, which is 'experimentation'!

Which lead us to the topic on what I am planning to do for the hols, since I AM a certified workaholic! Well, firstly, unless I had a brain transplant, I think I really need to level up my IQ and catch up on my readings. I haven't been reading for the last 3-4 months, and thank goodness, I've managed to just finished the 'the 360 degrees leader' book thingy last week. It was a struggle trying to finish up the book, probably I have an overdose on the topic of leadership in my previous reading marathon sessions way back in June. But it was refreshing to revisit some of these ideas, and perhaps I'll try to post in the main geez of it all in my next post.

So what's next?

Well, for the longest time, I've been wanting to get a DVD cam and a Mac, to experiment with some photography, desktop publishing, video editing, and stuffs like that, though not necessarily in that order. I've also been wanting to write a book, in fact two books, one on the development of the department, some sort of an e-Coffeetable book of sorts, with a designer feel to it, say in a year or two. Which reminds me, I better start to sort out the materials that I want to put in. The other book that I am planning to write about is on prototyping, which perhaps is something that I wanted to experiment and try out, it is just that I simply don't have the time, and other resources. But perhaps, starting from scratch could be a blessing in disguise, as it certainly gives me an opportunity to learn and experiment, without being influenced by others. Hmmm...what others come to mind? Certainly, looking at acquiring some books will be a definite thing! I fell in love with the PageOne bookshop at Vivo, but then...Kino is offering 20% discount to members till end of the year...Choices, choices, choices...wonder whether PageOne has any membership or not! But then, Basheer at Bras Basah offers the widest of the sales guy do give good discounts! Hmmmm...maybe I do some book shopping next week. I'm just crazy about books, especially those on design and related areas. I remembered spending like $250 on books alone, that was half of my Progress package! Hmmm, maybe I would spend as much on books now...I can't help it, I'm hooked on books!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Some memories are made of these...

What a wonderful week this has been, or it could almost be! Well, firstly i really enjoyed myself tremendously in my school's prom nite last Wednesday. It was really a blast! Seeing my charges in their full regalia of formal/dinner/prom nite-wear...dresses, shirts, pants, ties, gothic, and many other styles, that will definitely put a smile on Heidi Klum's face when she sees their fashion sense. Wow, I didnt know that they can be soooo stylish! But some, espcially the ladies, well, let's just say that given more time, a couple more years perhaps, they will be able to free up their hands with their dinner, or their partner/s, or both, instead of having the need to constantly adjust...errr...things that are just slowly 'slipping' away!

Hmm, what else came across to me! Well definitely the fact that one mentioned about becoming a chef, and another wanting to become an interior designer...but no one mentioned about becoming a nanotechnoly scientist! Hmmm, I do wonder whether there is a need for some marketing there! ;) Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

The teachers definitely have more fun this time round, especially at my table! My, this must have been my most enjoyable prom man...for the past 3 years! I guess it helps that we have some crazy teachers who are attending their Unity's swansong prom nite! :( Sad that they have to leave, but I guess that is the way it is. Hmmm, my time will come, sooner perhaps, but it will! Once I can just get down to the final stage of what needs to be done!