Friday, December 1, 2006

Some memories are made of these...

What a wonderful week this has been, or it could almost be! Well, firstly i really enjoyed myself tremendously in my school's prom nite last Wednesday. It was really a blast! Seeing my charges in their full regalia of formal/dinner/prom nite-wear...dresses, shirts, pants, ties, gothic, and many other styles, that will definitely put a smile on Heidi Klum's face when she sees their fashion sense. Wow, I didnt know that they can be soooo stylish! But some, espcially the ladies, well, let's just say that given more time, a couple more years perhaps, they will be able to free up their hands with their dinner, or their partner/s, or both, instead of having the need to constantly adjust...errr...things that are just slowly 'slipping' away!

Hmm, what else came across to me! Well definitely the fact that one mentioned about becoming a chef, and another wanting to become an interior designer...but no one mentioned about becoming a nanotechnoly scientist! Hmmm, I do wonder whether there is a need for some marketing there! ;) Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

The teachers definitely have more fun this time round, especially at my table! My, this must have been my most enjoyable prom man...for the past 3 years! I guess it helps that we have some crazy teachers who are attending their Unity's swansong prom nite! :( Sad that they have to leave, but I guess that is the way it is. Hmmm, my time will come, sooner perhaps, but it will! Once I can just get down to the final stage of what needs to be done!

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