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I'm creating this page to consolidate all the blogs that I have created to showcase some of the students' works. I feel proud of all their works, and am hoping that these blogs could be a platform and an impetus for them to continue working on their own individual portfolios in the near future:

2014 - Visual Communication
In this edition of the module, students are tasked to work on an authentic project, i.e. creating a logo for the upcoming SEA games. The sub-task on the creation of a piece of infographics poster was also done to get students to appreciate the nuances of design in a somewhat mathematical setting.

2014 - Videography
The theme of 'Communication' was offered again as the selected theme, and some of the nominated clips for the various awards were showcased in this blog.

2013 - The Rooftop Project
The rooftop project was a large-scale project that was aimed at eliciting student ideas for the redesign of the school's rooftop, to transform it into an alternative area for teaching and learning. Part of the competition prize was a learning trip to Melbourne. These is a record of the works that have been done to realise the competition and learning trip part of the project.

2013 - Visual Communication
As a follow-up to some internal reviews done, the visual communication module was introduced this year to the beginning students who have just entered SST. They tackled the challenges of designing a logo for themselves as well as creating infographics for their selected data, that ties in concurrently with their mathematical topics. These are some of their works.

2013 - Outdoor Furniture (Re)Design
As a follow-up to some internal reviews, a shift in adopting Design Thinking was also done. This is not a divergence fro the CBL model that we have adopted earlier, but merely an adoption of a modified model of CBL that would best fit in with our intended learning processes and outcomes. The students were given the task to redesign a piece of outdoor furniture that they have a personal experience in, and look at creating an ad or a multimedia presentation piece that would best showcase their improved designs.

2013 - Videography
Students were grouped and tasked to work on creating a short film on the given theme of 'Communication' (which is the Big Idea for the department), or Ecology, for those who prefers a more journalistic slant to their production. Here are some of their works.

2012 - The Elderly Challenge
The theme of mobility was again given for this year's challenge, whilst still leveraging on the CBL framework.

2012 - Videography
This was the department's first foray into video production as part of our own internal mission to equip students with the knowledge and rigour of working on a video production. A few themes were offered to the students. These are some of the good works that came out from this module.

2012 - Learning Trip
This was the second year that the department conducted  a learning trip. These are the highlights and learning points gleaned from the trip.

2012 - Architectural Design
For the second year of this architecture module, students were given the task to work on either a public park or a food centre. They were tasked to redesign their selected area to make it better for their intended audiences. Here are some of their works.

2011 - The Environment Challenge
The secondary 1 students continue to work on developing their animations on a more focused theme this year, i.e. Energy Conservation. I do note that there seems to be quite a narrow interpretation of conservation when the theme is narrowed down!

2011 - The Elderly Challenge
For this time round, a more focused theme on 'Mobility' was given to the students for their elderly challenge project. Some interesting ideas were surfaced. The hope is that someone out there would be able to realise some of these ideas, with more time and resources later on.

2011 - Apple Leadership Summit
The Apple Leadership Summit is an annual event attended by about 500 educators from all over the world. This year was a milestone year as it was the first time that it is held in Singapore, and being a young school of barely 2 years, SST was given the responsibility to co-host the event with School of the Arts (SOTA). Nonetheless we took up the challenge and the students did well, in delivering their projects to a more international audience. I was involved very much in helping with the selection of the artefacts, and the training of the students. Kudos to the students for doing SST proud.

2011 - Architectural Design: Spaces & Layouts
This was our first foray in introducing Architecture to students at this level. There was certainly a lot of apprehension, but the team pulled through. This showcase highlights some of the works done by the students in tackling the given theme and briefs.

2011 - ADMT Learning journey to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
This was also the first year that the department organises a learning trip as part of SST's Global Citizenship Programme (GCP). This blog showcase aims to consolidate their learning points, and was an active effort by both the teachers and students to capture our experiences...before, during and after the trip. It also aims to set a benchmark of sorts to what a blog can be used for, when tied in to an overseas learning trip.

2010 - Animation Showcase
This showcase was created for the pioneer batch of SST students to showcase some of their 2D paper-cutouts animation works on the given theme of 'The Environmental Challenge'. Leveraging on the 'Challenge-Based Learning (CBL)' framework developed by Apple, the students were assigned to small teams and work on creating simple animations that would best deliver their intended messages on the given theme.

2010 - The Elderly Challenge
For this showcase, the students' works represented their attempts to resolving the challenges faced by the elderly, in the Singapore context. The inspiration for this module came from the ministerial committee white paper on the challenges faced by the elderly, and what the Singapore government was doing to mitigate these challenges. Using the CBL framework, students were tasked to identify possible challenges and produce a 1-minute multimedia presentation (MMP) clip that would best advertise or present their intended solution/s. The secondary objective of this module was also to expose students to the use of modelling tools, and where possible encouraging them to work on physical models.

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