Sunday, March 10, 2013

How devices are making us rethink our seating positions?

Who would have thought that something as simple as just sitting on a chair has evolved over the recent years due to the ubiquitous use of tablets and other similar devices. No longer are chairs being designed just for the desktop or laptop-centric workplace environment. With the recent convergence of other smaller form-factor devices being part of our daily routine, there is a need to rethink our ideas of what a chair should be. This is where I thought the rethinking of the design of the humble chair is a step in the right direction. It just reminded me of a blog post that I did once before, about the need to standardize finger and hand gesturing across all devices, something similar to what signing does for the hearing and/or speech-impaired.

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Have a look at a short video:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video: Fast Sketch - Landscape Design

Love the landcape and architectural sketches done in this clip. Would love to try out some of his techniques, on a digital platform if possible:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The idea of faces on objects

Photo by: irfandarian, idphotography 2013
In recent months, I've started to notice faces in some of the objects that I used or passed by daily. No, it is not because I have gone nutty up there, but it seems strange to me that sometimes we can see things that we want to see in all these lifeless things around us.

Or perhaps this is just one of those skeuomorphic tendencies that I have as I delve a little deeper into the subject matter of design. Perhaps replicating a face-like design in some objects would lead to a greater acceptance by its users of the intended objects. Or perhaps, it is part of that grand plan, at the psychological or neural level, to make people happy about using the intended products! Or perhaps, it is just my mind playing face-recognising games on me, on those bored mornings/afternoons/evenings...the reasons I might never clearly know or find out, but one thing I do know is that not all things lends itself well to have a face implanted or imagined on it!

But then again...that's just my opinion.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When technology stupefies you!

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I was driving home the other day and a thought just struck me. If I was caught in a traffic jam but am in a very familiar road situation, would I still need a GPS system to guide me out of the jam? Would I be able to make that dynamic decision to perhaps change my route, that could perhaps save me from being stuck unnecessarily in an avoidable jam?

Perhaps when one talks about such a technology as the GPS system, one can't help but be thankful that such a technology exists, but I do feel that the convenience of having one does stupefies the user a little.  Now let me qualify my statement that no, it doesn't mean that using GPS confines one to a state of stupidity. It is just that the very fact that one knows that one has it, and can depend on it, would lead to a tendency of its users from moving away from thinking through their decisions, and solely based their directional judgements on a machine, which might not be able to perhaps see the jam 200 m ahead of you!

But on the other hand, I do feel that the GPS is a godsend in certain contexts and situations, more so in a situation where you are in an unfamiliar road condition or routes, or you are simply driving through a location that you have been a long while back, but have somewhat changed over the years. I do think that GPS is a good 'friend' to have by your side in such situations, but having them to make that judgements for you when you are on familiar ground, just seems a little 'not using your brain and letting it to rot' kinda of moment for me.

But then again, this is just my personal opinion.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: The 3 ways that good design makes you happy #designology

I concur about his idea of how good design makes you happy. But the pragmatist in me would also like to see design that makes the experience of the user using it happy too, rather than just be having that feeling at the visceral levels. On another note, I would love to have that teapot at my place!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Video: Design is in the Details #designology

"Design doesn't have to be about grand gestures, but can solve small, universal and overlooked problems." Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer, IDEO

I love the reframing of a storage system for children.