Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I want to work in this company!!!

I happen to get hold of the ABC Nightline's 'The Deep Dive' episode aired in July 1998, where they did a feature on IDEO's design process over a span of 5 days, to come out with a modified shopping cart. Mind you, this was a design process and deadline that was really really tight and compressed, even for an innovative firm like IDEO.

But what strikes me during the course of the program is not the creative or innovative practices adopted by the staff themselves, but more importantly, the mantra that in order for them to succeed, they need to fail more often! Somewhat oxymoronic, but looking at it contextually, I do think that this is true.

The other mantra that they subscribe to was to just do IT first, and seek forgiveness later, rather than seeking permission to do things beforehand! I guess when it comes to that level of understanding and professionalism, it is indeed okay to go ahead first if we are able to ensure at least a certain degree of learning points! And even if one fails and seek forgiveness later, at least some learning points can be gained from it. Who can forget the story of Thomas Edison and his 6000++ experiments?

So WHAT IS your experiment? And what are you seeking forgiveness for? ;)

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