Thursday, July 10, 2008

Design Quotient

What is your Design Quotient?

I had a review session with one of my officers the other time and during the session, I did ask her on the outcome of her research topic for her post-graduate degree. After moments of discussion, I did propose to her on perhaps looking at this idea of a Design Quotient (DQ) of sorts, an index for the purpose of perhaps indicating the level of Design Intelligence that one has, much like how an IQ works. I did blog about this a couple of posts back, and interestingly, this idea of a DQ was brought up again when I came across articles on the use of Multiple Intelligence (MI) in the various articles on general education. After years since Howard Gardner propounded the idea of the multiplicity of intelligences, more have come out to reaffirm the belief that there is indeed a deep-rooted belief that perhaps there is some truth in all these hoopla about looking at Man's 'usefulness' as more than just the mere quality of how well his neurons are connected!

On a similar note, perhaps there could be this untapped potential in knowing how well or intelligent one is in the area of design. Whether it is explicitly shown in his or her choice of fashion, living spaces, gadgetry or even in his ability or inability to sketch and draw, there is I think this nagging belief that there is somewhere, inside all of us, that switch or indicator, that would reveal how well one's innate design ability is!

Just take a look at the preponderance of products that are currently available to consumers! I mean, with a dizzying array of design and products, each with their own niche capability, a regular human would have taken at least some steps of comparison to at least be able to discern what he or she wants, given that he has limited resources in the first place. By virtue of this comparisons and perhaps, by the sheer ability to visually be able to differentiate a 'good', 'bad', 'sexy', 'minimalist' and all the other adjectives, wouldn't it at least be a good indicator of perhaps one's capacity to appreciate good design!

But in a similar vein to what I have blogged about earlier, perhaps this DQ is also something that might not be, in actuality, something that would run concurrently with the physical or mental age of a person! What do I mean? Seriously, have you ever seen one dressing up so badly, as in like completely out of fashion, or completely out of place in whatever situations that he or she is in! Much like how one would be able to discern one's ability to understand or grasp a concept through tests and exams, wouldn't it then be possible for one to then be sucked in into a low DQ state? So perhaps, one can talk all that one wants about his qualifications, but then again, given a situation that perhaps he or she is required to show his design flair, he or she might simply falter!

And what use would knowing one's DQ be? Well I don't think I want to bore you with some ideas that I have so far, perhaps on my next few posts, I would really love to unravel this!

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