Friday, July 11, 2008

More (Talk) is cheap!

I just happen to watch the local news yesterday, about the possibility of the public transportation fares being increased due to inflationary pressures. Nothing new really, in fact it IS to be expected! One thing that struck me though was the the answer given by the spokesperson (I think, or was it one of the Minister?) when he said that overall the average price of one's bus journey should be low if one were to take into account more bus journeys that one makes. But I mean really...for a small country like us, I think it would not take more than 2 connecting bus journeys for a typical Singaporean to reach his destination. So does that mean that on average, our bus journey fares would never ever get cheaper, as claimed by the spokesperson! Unless the individual in particular really take the effort to take in more bus connecting bus journeys to reach his destination! I mean seriously, who will be moronic enough to do that? Hmmmm.

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