Friday, July 18, 2008

When the Right Thing to do, is to do the Wrong Thing!

I came across this article from Wired a few weeks ago, and was taken in by some of the ideas that Apple, as the epitome of what innovation is all about, is practising as part of their business practices. It is really interesting that some of their ideas can be initially perceived as something that goes beyond the usual norms, but upon realisation and looking at its results and eventuality, it does speaks volumes on the efficacy of these practices as the ones that really break apart the norms, and more importantly, are the very enablers that makes Apple what it really is right now. The fact that some of these things are deemed to be the wrong things to do and adopt, but have otherwise been proven wrong, definitely gives one an idea of how or where the very next evolution of innovation should OR COULD come from.

Challenging norms...YES, but just doing it because it IS the WRONG thing to do, may actually be counter-productive. I mean we don't just do the opposite because it is wrong, but more importantly, because we have the means and the necessary wherewithal to think through the process, and should then be able to decide that it is fundamentally right if systems and processes are put in place to ensure its 'CORRECTNESS'. But I guess the real challenge would come when the very ones who criticised the very things that these WRONGS have resulted in, were to realise that these are actually possibilities! But then again, most detractors have always been known to stand guard with an 'I told you so!' mentality, rather than one that says, go ahead and FAIL!

I guess it has got something to do with how much they have done with their lives, and how cocooned they have been in their lives!

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