Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Designing for the elderly...

I was pretty impressed with some of the thoughts put up by some of my students when I did a group-think sort of exercise on designing a calculator and a mobile phone specifically for the elderly. I thought that perhaps this is something that I would like to showcase immediately, given that they have done and put in some depth and criticality in their thoughts/ideas/comments. Here's the embedded information:

Wall wisher 1

Wall wisher 2

Update: as an update to compatibility issues that I have when viewing on my iPad, I've decided to just put in the URL link instead of embedding the wall wisher in my blog post.


Colloquium Blog said...

seems like valuable information but very hard to read/understand in its current format that requires both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

Can you put the comments in a more readable format?

irfan darian said...

Hei there,

Somehow the embeddment only enables it to be shown like that. Anyway the URL for the 2 wallwisher pages are as follows: