Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's have some 'Phun'

A good ex-colleague of mine just introduced me to this 'still-in-Beta-testing' freeware calllen 'Phun' and I have already seen some nice applications and lessons in the classroom that can be done using it. (Thanks William for the heads=up on this!) I've managed to download it at THIS site. The best part is that it is not only available in the typical Windows platform, but also in Linux and Mac OS versions. :) Now is this a good timing or what, for me to get a tablet to work with my black MacBook.

Which brings me back to my second point on why Macs are not available in a tablet form. Well I sure was wrong when I did a Google check on it a few days ago, as I discovered that a certain company in the US called Axiotron is already producing tablet versions of the Mac earlier this year! But it still looks pricey though, thought I do feel that it still looks cool. I might just put of my purchase of the iPhone for this though, if the timing and price is right, and ehem, my personal 'CFO' doesn't mind it! :) Anyway here's a pic that I've seen of it.

To all the Mac and Tablet fans out there, let's rejoice then...the MacTablet is here!

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