Friday, May 30, 2008

Redesigning Design Education: StoreBlox - The Modular Spice Dispenser

Continuing on with my experimentation from last year's design exposure programme to my young designers, today's post reminds me of the need to have a balance for both the technical as well as the user-defined expectations of a given set of problems. While the team have managed to be technically sound in their resolution of the defined problem, and have in fact come out with a good idea too, on the other hand, the practicality of the given solution do bring up a good number of feasibility issues. But hey, I do think that if my young designers can actually raise up these issues after just a mere 3 to 4 months of exposure to the basic rudiments of design, then i think I have definitely done my job to inspire them!

Additionally, this is the only group that have used the Google SketchUp software tool as part of their design process, as one can see from the pictures below. This is the only group too, I think, that have come out with an almost complete design and user-experiences of sort, in their final proposed model solution.

The videos below comes in 2 parts...yes, they have that much things to present. But more importantly, I do feel that this team have handled themselves well, in both their presentation, as well as their handling of the Q&A's. Well done to them!

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