Saturday, May 3, 2008

The 'Roti Prata' Theorem...Redux

I've blogged about this 'Roti Prata' theorem a long while back, back at my old blog...just being jolted to blog about this yesterday as I was enjoying a few of these crispy pancake-like pieces with my colleagues.

The basic premise of this theorem is that, given say an X number of slices of prata, regardless of 'with or without egg versions :) ', what is the minimum number of times that one has to turn over these slices in order to get each of these sides slathered with the gravy/curry. Some pre-conditions/assumptions that I have come out with are:

- Each 'turnover' need not necessarily be done using one slice; it can involve a few (integer) slices at one go too
- It is assumed that the gravy/curry is being introduced only from a singular source point
- The intent is on having both sides of the pieces being slathered with the gravy/curry, regardless of the 'absorbability' of the surfaces or the pieces

Now to make this a little more wicked, let us introduce some parameters into the 'theorem', if I can even call it so:
- Can there be N number of source points for the source of the curry/gravy, theoretically speaking of course?
- How about if we decide to break up the slices into smaller pieces, perhaps into halves or quarters, how then would the theorem consider these non-integer conditions, hmmm, maybe perhaps by reintroducing integers within this integer conditions (is there such a thing at all?)
- What happens if the initial assumption that one wants both sides of his slices doesn't hold true, meaning for example, what if I want only the first slice to be doubly-coated, but not the second one?
- What happens if I want more than 1 gravy/curry type then...and this must not be mixed on any particular sides of any of these pieces, where there is only 1, or two distinct and separate source points!

- And how about if the prata slices are NOT flat, but perhaps comes in various shapes, such as the 'Crispy' or 'Paper'-version on the right? Hmmmmm.

Well, it doesn't help that I love the series 'Numb3rs' :), perhaps there is more inspiration to be had when you watch 'Numb3rs' over a plate of prata for dinner!? ;)

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