Friday, May 30, 2008

Digitizing Design: Collaborative Design through a Digital Media

One of my experiments this year is to look at enriching the various possibilities and increasing the arsenal of design tools that I can use to augment my teaching capacity. One of which is to look at what else the Alias SketchBook Pro can offer, besides the digital sketching function that it is designed for. The clip below do give me an idea, a possibility perhaps of what the software is capable of when more than one party is engaged in a design collaborative effort. But more importantly is that, what is the objective that I have in mind when I use the tool as part of my design awareness effort? I mean is there a significant amount of value-addedness IF I were to use the software tool when compared to the usual 'pen and paper', besides of course giving my young charges an awareness of digital tools that are available to them? Hmmmm...?

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