Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Useful Design Idea 2

Being a regular commuter to shopping centres here in Singapore, I can't help but wonder about the relevance and efficacy of the information that is displayed by the management of these buildings where the parking charges are concerned. Usually the display of the information is pretty much packed, so much so that its relevance in the context of the time (and place) of the point of entry and exit of the vehicle becomes blur. I guess sometimes it doesn't really help if we are bombarded with TOO MUCH information, within a short period of time. I mean wouldn't it just suffice if the driver of the vehicle, especially in the context of where I am staying, are given only the necessary information at the point of entry (or exit, if relevant), i.e. the parking charges, whether by hourly or by entry, rather than a whole gamut of information, which is well good, if you so decide to plan for your visit the next time round, but not necessary most of the time! It doesn't help too that where I am residing, the electronic system allows for only a very short period of time for the driver to discern the relevant information, should he or she chooses too, from the information display boards. Hmmm.

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