Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Police, the Owner and the Thief

My former principal used to say that in this world there are 3 types of people,

- Those who make things happen (The Thief)
- Those who wait for things to happen (The Owner)
- and lastly those who realises things later and said, "Hei, what happened!" (The Police)

The title of my post today tries to capture in a nutshell a short conversation that I had with one of my peers, who thinks that sometimes trying out new things beyond our core businesses, is really a waste of time! I mean to a certain extent I do agree with him, much like how I agree, in a cynical sarcastic sort of way, with people who would love to have pizza every single day, or any other food that he fancies, everyday, without variety, and with that degree of certainty that the things that he has enjoyed, is enjoying, and will be enjoying, will be the same all right through! But seriously, wouldn't life be a bore if you have the same thing over and over again, each single day!

This is perhaps one point that I think I have to disagree, in not so much that our core business is of a lesser degree of importance, but in actuality, it is the very fact that our core business is important, that is why we must be seen to be doing something differently to see to it that the things that we have learnt and picked up from these 'exploratory' excursions beyond the BOX can perhaps be an enriching experience for us, to act like sort of an 'Energizer battery' of sorts for us to get even better in our capacities and our core businesses. Seriously, if we are going to propound the belief that we should only be focusing only on our core business of doing things, then perhaps something ought to be done to see to it that there is indeed sufficient stimuli within these 'coreness' to enable us to perhaps be that much more innovative! Hmm, is that really possible? No, I don't really think so!

Which is why I guess, or rather I believe, that there are two types of people where making a difference is concerned. One is those who makes a difference in your lives. the second, those who is the difference in your live. Which one would you want to be?

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