Friday, September 12, 2008

My top 10 Mac software must-haves

Having made the switch to the Mac OS platform just less than a year ago, I've done numerous experimentations with loads of software tools that can enhance my productivity on this platform. I'm happy to say that so far, the Mac OS has indeed exceed my expectations in terms of its usability, stability and trouble-free use! Here's a list of the top 10 Mac software must-haves, for me that is:

Not in any order of preference...

1) Adobe Lightroom: Good software tool, much like Aperture, for a photography amateur like me.

2) Copernicus: for screen capturing...a useful tool for me, especially when i need a tool to capture icons, without being weighted down by too many features!

3) Google Desktop: Useful tool for indexing your data on your hard disks

4) Google SketchUp Basic: I'm still using the free version at the moment, cos it is still sufficient in my current job capacity. Very useful for creating models for presentation or lessons

5) iTunes: What can I say, I'm a music buff too. Their newest version 8.0 has some pretty nifty interfaces too. I just realised only recently that some of the podcasts are freely available...coooool

6) Mercury Messenger: A nifty tool for those who wants to use the webcam on the MSN. Can be a little unstable at times, but generally its ok for far!

7) Syncmate: With an Windows Mobile handphone, you can never go wrong with having this tool for synching with your Mac lappy

8) Tooble: Cool software tool you to download your favourite YouTube videos and then directly into your iTunes

9) VM Fusion: I've tried Parallels, but prefer this one better. So far so good, but my advise to you is to use original versions of Windows for the other OS'es

10) Last but not least, Azureus...a bittorrent tool that helps me to...well should I say, provide the tools that can allow me the luxury of this experimentation.


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