Tuesday, February 21, 2006

17 Laws of Teamwork-Part 2

Some comments and learning points; the first THREE laws:

1. The Law of Significance
I just realised that the number ONE is indeed a lonely number, and so insignificant to achieve a great deal. But then again, looking back and rereading 'The Tipping Point' by Malcolm Gladwell, it does make me realise that even though a single person could NOT make the necessary significant change, but then it also take just one person to act as THE catalyst to make that change happen. I hope to be able to be that changing agent, and to get the desired outcomes later on.

2. The Law of the Big Picture
This is another envisioning exercise typical of books like the Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. I do subscribe to the belief that only by aligning your vision with the rest of the team, and making this vision a shared one, will the rest of the team be able to get on board and make things work to realise that vision. I guess the power of shared ownership, something that I've not come across yet, is something very powerful that teams should never ever underestimate!

3. The Law of the Niche
Using the right tools for the right job - basically assigning each team member to his assigned duties based on his level of experience, expertise, and his passion; this is something that I also truly belief will make or break a team. But how do you ensure that the assignment is optimum? Well the only way is for the team leader to REALLY know his team mates well, to the point that he can make that wise decision (though not 100% fool-proof), that his hunch and objective assessment is correct, right and optimal for the future growth of the team.

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