Sunday, February 12, 2006

A day of humility...

What do you know? It has been a bitter sweet day for me yesterday! My students' results were out, and I just discovered that I AM not a good actor after all. I guess some people can just see the dissapointment in my face. No doubt that I did NOT promise that the results will be good this year, but nevertheless, there is indeed this NOT-SO-SECRET a desire that at least my charges and dept's results will at least be on par, if not better, than last year's. But then again, it will remain wishful thinking...for this year that is! :)

On the other side of the coin, my ruggers did well, winning their second match in as many weeks. One of the boys was pretty pissed that he got sin-binned for an infringement! That actually do not really touch my raw nerves, in as much as how the referee decieded to give his justification of that infringement after the match. And guess what he said: "Oh there were a lot of high tackles coming from your team and since you were the last one that I observe to do that, I just have to pick you for the infringement!" Errrr, I leave it up to you to draw conclusions from that 'short and sweet' statement!

So what would I have in mind to turn my dept around. Like in my initial 'shared-vision' practices that I did before taking over the dept, I do believe in the power of looking at the process, as opposed to just the end results. I subscribe to the belief that the results are just the mere output of a good process and systems in place...and I am still tweaking the process, taking into account considerable constraints, human dynamics, and perceptions and expectations. And you know the warped thing about this whole entire 'process & systems thinking' episode, i kinda love it! Hahaha. Getting a little warped huh! Nah, just enjoying in the idea that there can never be a worst result than this...NEVER EVER! Now time to read that little book of mine, 'If at First...' by Laura Fitzgerald for some sweet motivation...and some self-reflections

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