Thursday, April 12, 2012

An-IDEA-a-DAY: the touch pointer

A redesigning of the ubiquitous tool for presenters in boardrooms and meeting rooms, the laser pointer has only recently undergone some changes. But these changes are more to reflect on the ability to control the volume and video output of the said presentation, rather than the interface itself.

The idea above, still in its rough form, takes a look at relooking this user interface. With the pervasiveness of touch-enable surfaces being developed for a variety of applications and uses, the sketch above proposes using the said interface as a means to interact and direct the presentation, versus the use of buttons/knobs. This I think would cut down on the complexity of the design of the buttons, and the corresponding functions that go along with them. Plus having an interface that is just a mere extension of what the users' would have already experienced in their smart phones and tablets, is simply an easy interface development (and evolution) that is just too good not to be taken up!

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