Monday, April 30, 2012

Storyboarding and Camera Angle exercise

One of the submissions done by my students on 'Storyboarding' and 'Videography'.

The whole idea of this exercise was to get students to be aware in the use of different camera angles, and understand the intent and purpose of the differing angles.

With the use of storyboards, students were able to visualize their stories better, and henceforth, be able to suggest angles to better tell their stories.

To make the exercise challenging, only the last scene/clip was given to the students, i.e. the picture of a broken pencil. Students, working in pairs or trios, were free to explore the storyline that leads to that final scene/clip.

Above is just one of the storylines done up by the students.

Audio was recorded in post-production, and clip was done using iMovie by yours truly.

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