Friday, April 6, 2012

An-IDEA-a-DAY: the Mooo dispenser

Inspired by the need to make the showering experience an even more pleasant one, I embark on an idea of borrowing the milking action to dispense the required amount of soap/shampoo.

I thought this would be a more natural action compared to the press-down motion of current soap/shampoo containers. The idea that you are able to grab the teats and pull out the liquids, in one fluid (pun unintended) motion helps to overcome the discontinuity of the current dispensing motion. It also dispenses with the need for situations where the whole container slips out and falls over, due to the wet slippery nature of most shower environments.

The container options would most likely come in 2 forms, one that is affixed to the wall, and as a refill option, as per what some of the current cleaning liquids option come in.

Lastly, the rubberized/silicone look and feel of the teats would surely endear a lot of users, winning over users who are not only curious, but who would most probably be able to see the functionality of the design, and the beauty of the milking/dispensing action.

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