Monday, April 30, 2012

An-IDEA-a-DAY: the Holey Chopping Board

The chopping board design takes into account the motion of users chopping on their raw food products, with the idea that the separation of the chopped pieces should be a one-flow motion. The use of the jigsaw-puzzled hole adds to this convenience. With the ability to add an attachment for cups or containers to hold the chopped food items, this will add another layer of convenience to the users.

The detachable nature of the holed section allows the user to vary the hole size, to fit and suit the sizes of the chopped food items that they are working on.

The final touch of using a wood-based material adds a little bit of nostalgia to users, who are more inclined to feel the warmth and earthiness of having a wood-based chopping board, compared to a plastic version.

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