Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An-IDEA-a-DAY: Modular Wardrobe Hanging system

With constraints in space within the wardrobe, the modular hanging system proposed above aims to leverage on the differing sized of clothing items to optimise the space. Using a modular pole-like system that is detachable and can be set up modularly, the redesign allows different users to customise their wardrobe experience by setting up the space within their wardrobe to cater to the usage patterns, or/and the kind of outfits that they have.

The system also takes in to account the use of the depth of the wardrobe space to optimise the usage rate better, allowing the system to be aligned in 2 axes/directions.

The possibilities are endless with a modular system, and if further work could be done on the design of the wardrobe itself, the possibilities are even more wide open for further customisations.

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