Saturday, April 7, 2012

An-IDEA-a-DAY: Rotateable Framing Elements (Ro-FL)

The design of the RoFL was inspired by the difficulty faced by people who are in the habit of framing up their photographs and the likes. The whole set up works as a set, with adjustable-length framing elements, and rotatable frames.

The design itself eliminates the need for one to work on nailing/fixing up a few hanging elements at one go. The focus is on the ease of setting up a network of frames at one go.

The modular nature of the framing elements would allow users to change the configuration quite easily, although not at the level of flexibility that one would like to have.

Lastly, the design would also work wonderfully with a set of similarly-sized frames, for those who just wants that added difference to their otherwise plain vanilla walls.

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