Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drawing life's parallels from my morning drive (Part 3)

It is enlightening at times to see the parallels that one can draw from a morning drive. Take for one, how a driver has to slow down before making a turn, or to filter in into a slip road. Just like life itself, one has to slow down when making that 'turn' in his or her life, or when making major decisions, or when embarking on new endeavours. You just can't drive at the same speed when turning in into that corner, lest your vehicle lose its grip and something unpleasant happens. And sometimes, depending on how sharp the turn is, one has to be sure that at least one hand is on the steering wheel...you are risking an accident if you so decide to let go. Like life itself, you just can't leave everything to fate (by letting go), you have to take control of the steering wheel and manouver your way through, or in this case, around the turn/corner.

And how about the feeling when one feels when cruising along an expressway at 90 km/h. Isn't is nice! Time to view what's on your left and right, perhaps to take in the sights, and sometimes the sound, of what the drive has to offer. I guess sometimes we do need to cruise along to 'smell and see the flowers'. I wonder just how many times have I managed to do that, or how many times my dear readers have done that. Don't let the drive consume you, because you never know when would be the next time you cruise along like that, or move along on that road again. So my advise to all, please do take some time to enjoy the view, to take in the sights and sounds, to just enjoy the drive for what it is, a leisurely journey to your destination.

So how is your morning drive going to be like tomorrow?

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