Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking at possibilities...but really who limits them?

It has been a while since I last blogged, and I must say it has been a good month-long hiatus for me. A good time for me to reflect, recollect, reconnect, and perhaps hibernate too. But then again, given the high bar that I have to be expected to perform and deliver in my new role, it is indeed overwhelming at times to reach out and up, and to meet up with that bar! But then again, what is life without bars and standards to meet up to..and I mean that in a good sort of way, not some social standards of sorts that can be little skewed, and perhaps not of the type that I will usually be adhering too.

But it is still a relatively new journey for me...taking small baby steps, but huge ones at that. Perhaps it will take a little while for me to make any significant progress that is visually impactful, but then again, I am willing to wait, explore, experiment. Cos what I am going into is something that is new and exciting. There will be disappointments definitely, but always take the view that there could never be apogees of happiness and satisfactions, without failures and disappointments along the way. Optimistic...yes. Scared...yes. But I guess this is something that I am going into for the long haul.

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