Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drawing life's parallels from my morning drive (Part 2)

The basic idea of my second part of this article is that life is just not about you alone. Yup that's right, that egocentricity that most of us is getting used to, and with the pervasiveness of social networking tools, will not get us anywhere if we do not take into account the lives of others. Much like how we would need to be mindful of all our blind spots, and perhaps even considering the way other people are driving, whether they are changing lanes, driving slowly on a fast-moving lane, slowing down to make a turn or to look at an accident scene, or perhaps just trying to be a Type A ('A' for anal here) driver here, all these things would need to be taken into account when one wants to have a safe and comfortable drive on the road. It is indeed wonderful that for live to be more meaningful, we do need to take into account all these other social variables in our lives, much like how we would need to be mindful of all the other users on the road! Drawing parallels here, LIFE is indeed not just about YOU alone!

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