Friday, July 17, 2009

Drawing life's parallels from my morning drive (Part 1)

It seems strange for me that now, with a higher propensity for me to go on longer drives to and from work, it just gives me more time to reflect about life, not necessarily mine, but interesting enough I guess for me to plan to pen some articles here.

My first one would be to question the need for one to be really in the fast lane of life, so as to move ahead faster. The oxymoronic thing that I have realised for this last few days is that I won't really get to go further and faster if I am driving in the faster lanes! i.e. Lane 1. What would really get me going, at a slow and steady pace of 40 km/h instead, is when I drive on the last lane, the slowest of the lanes, the ones that would be usually be occupied with the larger and slower-moving vehicles! Now why is this so? I guess if you think about it, and just from thinking from a simple logical point of view, when once these long vehicles make their filters and turns to the side roads, they would leave a gap that is large enough for me, the regular car-driver, to be able to move ahead a much longer distance, for the same amount of effort. Drawing life's parallels, I guess it does struck me that even though we are in a slow lane sometimes, but it doesn't really mean that we would be stuck, and won't move as fast as those in the other, faster lanes. Perhaps if we are able to move these larger blocks of vehicles to the sides, we would definitely be able to move, and perhaps even move faster than those in the 'faster lanes'! Funny isn't it, that I am drawing some life's parallels from my morning and evening drives. But I guess that's just me, the ever constant reflector of my own life.

So if you are in your own slow lane, what are the large vehicles in your life?

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