Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Wonders of Mash-Ups

One of the wonderful features of what Web 2.0 offers is the ability to mash things up, in a nutshell combining various iterations of all the various singular features that are available on the Internet. One of which is Still in a beta phase, it works wonderfully, so far at least, for something that is free and still in its development release. It would turn your staid-looking Google homepage, if you have Google homepage that is, into a magazine-like look. What this feature does is to extract the various feeds from all the relevant feeds that you might want to have, and then present it to you in a more magazine-like manner. Somehow or rather, this do remind me of the project that I did the other time when I was working in my previous capacity as a Decision Support Analyst, a feature back then that is somewhat like a 'command and control' thingy that would give the user a helicopter view of things that he or she wants to have a view or feel of! Check out the following two photos of the before and after of my own personal homepage, with and without Feely. Can be a little too overwhelming actually, but hey, it's always about choices too right :) :

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