Saturday, February 28, 2009

Curiously enlightened

It has been a good 8 weeks or so of teaching for me... so far, as I go back to the basics of design with my younger charges. I guess it is sometimes more fun to teach about the rudiments of design to the younger students, compared to the old. It has its limitations though, but all in all, it has been a rather enjoyable, enlightening, and more importantly, enriching experence for me. Nearing towards the end of the term, i do at times recollect and reflect about the things that I have taught, the things that I have learnt, (yesh you definitely can learn a thing or two from these kids), and the things that I think I could do, or could have taught better. 'It is all about the students' the mantra that I still stick by whenever I plan for any of my lessons, because no matter how interesting the lessons could be, from your own opinion, if the very people that you target your lessons to find it uninspiring, then I guess IT IS unsinspiring. And what I like about teaching these bunch is their honesty...I mean seriously what kind of profession gives you that dose of realism and honesty every single day, every single waking hour, of every single lesson that you conduct besides teaching. And as I sit back over the weekend, with books and journals to mark and grade, I would definitely like to sit back, and reflect upon my practices, and perhaps, just perhaps, think of ways to become an even better teacher in my next place of work!

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