Monday, October 20, 2008

DESIGNERLY INTERROGATION: The third level of Design Quotient (DQ)

A quick summary of what has been covered so far:

  • Level 1: KNOWING - the semi- or full-conscious state of realising the superficiality of design
  • Level 2: MEANINGFUL REALISATION - the realisation of the functional state of the design realisation
  • Level 3: DESIGNERLY INTERROGATION - a state of designerly awareness that goes beyond the functional state of a design, but deeper into the realms of the why's of the intended designs

Someone who is at this state of level 3, in my humble opinion, would see the just beyond the mere 'story' of a particular design of a product, but goes deeper to understand then why it is DESIGNED a certain way. More than just about the technicalities of a particular design intent, at this state, one would question the underlying basis or ideas that were made to come out with such a design. Examples that I can quote are those that have taken an in-depth ethnographic study of the intended users, or those that perhaps adapts itself from the study of animalistic behavourial patterns or draws inspiration from nature, i.e. biomimicry. These are perhaps a state whereby the designer itself has looked at just beyond the mere realisation, but even deeper into why such designs exists, or can exist for that matter, in the contextual world that we live in. Perhaps an important consideration is that the design in itself has gone through a rigorous interrogation by the designer, as to finally make it to a state of existence.

I am assuming that there can be a level 4...or even more. Perhaps, this I can classify further as Level 4: Design Nirvana, that I would touch on in my subsequent posts.

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