Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Evolutionary Design: Stokke's Sleepi...an excellent model towards 'Product (design) Sustainability'?

My significant other and myself are anticipating our very first nephew from her side, and being the adoring aunt and uncle that we are, we have decided to get a baby pram for him! And true to the nature of my other half, she'll always be the one who will busy herself with marketing and product research of her intended purchases, whether she would eventually purchase it being of an insignificant factor at times! More often than not, her tastes and comments would be almost spot on, and somehow or rather would be almost be reflective of what I have in mind...well almost!

Anyway, while researching for a suitable baby pram for the newest member of the family, my other half and myself went through various models and brands of baby prams, of which only a significant few in numbers of brands, and an even fewer number in models of these brands, are of the variety that we would like to have, or to be used by our first nephew! And from one particularly momentous moment a few days ago, I've fallen in love with Stokke!

I think Stokke is one of the best, if not THE best, in terms of their design of user-centric products for the younger age group. And when I mean user-centric, I am not only talking about the the children (being the targeted end users) only, but also the user experiences of their parents! One of which that I have shown in the picture above is the design of their Stokke Sleepi children's bed.

Now what impresses me on the design of this particular bed is the evolutionary design thought and model that has really gone into its design. In this age of rapidly changing technological changes, where handphone models are in a constant change every quarter, and where every other product that adorns us are subjected to the same fashionista treatment like a 'Project Runway' of sorts, it is refreshing to see that the design intent at Stokke, and particularly of the Sleepi bed model that I have mentioned, takes into account the evolutionary (or revolutionary at times!) phases of the intended end users. In fact, could I say that this is perhaps an almost perfect, if not A perfect product design model that perhaps designers can adopt, in this current craze and pursuit of sustainability in design.

For more information on what I mean by this 'Evolutionary Design', please have a go at their Sleepi and other product collection!

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