Saturday, August 19, 2006

A real looooooong hiatus

Ahhhh, finally I can settle down a little to squeeze in some time to pen down (or is it keyboard in) some of my thoughts on this page of mine.

It has been a long while and I guess work has really consume me and my time. My graduating D&T classes have just finished and submitted their folios and artefacts, and my Under 14 Ruggers are just done with their season! Phew, I can finally spare some time to catch up on my work, not that I am neglecting any. I do feel that this site of mine could do with a little minor upgrading and the addition of some more of my resources and materials! Hmm I do like to share my stuffs, probably need some time to organise all those that I've collected over the past few months. I see what I can do to put up the relevant stuffs here once I am more settled in.

Personal thoughts?

Ahhhh, my Under 14 ruggers did me proud on Wednesday when they put up their best match ever, to make ACS Barker sweat for every single point that they score. Kudos to the entire team. Frankly, to me, every single one of them are winners. I could see their the entire team bond and mature right there in front of my eyes. What kind of job will give you that kind of satisfaction! :)
I could see Aidil developing from a playful 'toddler' to a more responsible and focused individual, Sufyan and Hanafy taking greater responsibility and being more vocal in their dealings with the other team members and even the referee; Ismail, who according to his form teacher is dissappointed at not being part of the first 15, but he still stuck by with the team, going with the others for every single match, day in day out, and people like Hidayat who was a little problematic last time, but who grew to use his body (literally), and brains, to put the team ahead and push the forwards, when they so needed that push; Hazim and Haiman, who like the Wonder Twins, stand guard faithfully at either sides of the field as wingers or as part of the back line, running, kicking, tackling and being tackled; Homaidi, for his sure footedness, or is it 'fingeredness', catching every single ball that comes his way in the finals, when it matters most, and to think that he was sooo nervous in the earlier matches...and wow...the list of things that I see and feel are so many! I do hope, and am confident, that the team will grow with every single day. But alas, all these things might just come to an end since I have already put forth an official request to be taken out of rugby due to my other duties as a Subject Head and covering HOD! But I do hope the team will grow, and mature, and allow the person taking over me to experience all these, and maybe more.

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