Monday, January 5, 2009

Of believing and trusting

I came across this conclusion over these a couple of weeks ago that, there is indeed a significant difference between believing somebody...and trusting him. More importantly is that it doesn't mean that when I don't believe the statements that are made by a particular person about something, that I don't completely trust him at all. It is just that when it comes to this thing about trust, there is this degree of morality and character trait that is involved, a little something that perhaps speaks volume about one's innate character and perhaps even his underlying philosophy and principles!

Believing on the other hand, involves, more often than not, a superfluous view of things that perhaps will not, I think, impinge on a person's moral standings.

Which brings me to my view that at times, when I give a funny look at you when are telling me something, please don't take it to heart. I might just not believe whatever bullshit that you are saying, but that doesn't mean that I am thinking any lesser of you, or for that matter, distrust you completely. But then again, if you choose to continue on to ramble in a disbelieving manner over a period of time, I guess it will eventually affect my trust level of you! Hmmmm...

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Extreme John said...

This is one of those topics for me that I feel like I can tell story after countless story about. For me in my life it's no longer a matter of "If" I trust someone or not. I automatically by nature do not trust any new person that enters my circle. Great writing.